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The leading idea behind LOGATO is helping our clients in the best way we can
LOGATO BV Brokerage Knokke-Heist

LOGATO's brokerage service mainly consists of automotive sourcing, but we also offer automotive consignment if needed. 

Furthermore, as an extension of our consultancy and brokerage services, LOGATO can organize and oversee your custom car project or restoration project, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and will be finished as quickly as possible.


LOGATO's sourcing service is perfect for those wanting to find their perfect car.


We offer an all-inclusive service, which means that we take care of everything related to the search, secure transfer of funds, registration and delivery of your car to your doorstep, ready to be enjoyed.

Trying to find the car that you want to buy can be difficult and time consuming. What should I look at? How do I know if this car is in good condition? Is this a fair price? How do I import this car? Lots of questions and possible problems can arise throughout the whole process. If you want to be sure that you are buying a good car at a fair price without having to worry about all the administrative work and time that goes into the search, then LOGATO can gladly help you with finding the car that you want. LOGATO takes away the burden of searching, contacting and going to the dealership, negotiating the price, importing, transporting and registering the car, etc. 


If a client is thinking of selling their special car, they can utilize LOGATO's consignment service, ensuring a professional representation, an optimal sales price, and a broad targeted market. Consignment is a contract between LOGATO and the client, authorizing LOGATO to take possession and sell the car, while the client keeps ownership until it is sold.

Project Organization & Management

This service is for people wanting to either restore their car or build a car from scratch.


When you are looking to restore your car, it can be difficult to find the right craftsmen and organizing the whole restoration can be time consuming. It is important to know which company to work with for each project. At LOGATO, we realize the needs of every client are different; restoring a multi-million dollar car differs greatly from restoring a ten thousand dollar car, though both projects are just as satisfying to follow through to completion. Both cars deserve the best quality for the money, however the craftsmen we use will differ based on the needs of the car. Choosing the right craftsmen is imperative to the future value and quality of the car.  Thus setting up the project, calculating the total costs, researching the manufacturers' history, bringing the right people together and overseeing the project is crucial. If not, the costs can skyrocket, you risk subpar quality  and a lot of time and money will be lost.


Using LOGATO's restoration service ensures an honest, hassle-free, qualitative and correct restoration of your beloved car.


Some people dream of owning a unique, one-off vehicle, specifically built to their specifications. LOGATO is proud to offer our clients the opportunity to build their very own custom car from either a donor car or from scratch. We meet with the client, listen to their needs and wishes, and depending on the kind of car they are looking to build, LOGATO will contact the appropriate craftsmen from within our worldwide network to organize the build. The client is informed of every important step in the build process, ensuring a transparent, yet well-organized project.


Working with LOGATO to create your custom car is synonymous to quality builds, competitive pricing, peace of mind, transparency, excellent follow-up and great customer service.

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