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Who We Are

LOGATO is an all-in-one service provider founded in 2021 by Louis Gruwez

This Belgian company was created with the goal of offering good, honest and objective guidance for people wanting to buy a car to bridge the marketplace gap of sound automotive advice.

In general, when someone wants to buy a new car, they start doing their own research hoping that they will find the car brands and models that they like. They base their selection on information available on the internet, but can easily get lost in the many technical details. After having identified their chosen car style, the client then goes to the necessary dealerships to ask for more information and to do a test drive. Depending on the number of cars resulting from the search, every client could go to more than six different dealerships. The first problem that arises is the lost time. They have to go from one sales point to the other as well as the time looking for cars online. Unfortunately, it often happens that when clients ask for information on the cars they are interested in, they do not get an objective explanation as the sellers are bound to sellers' quota and they only know the details about the cars on their lot. As a consequence, they put more emphasis on the good qualities of the car while trying to avoid talking about the bad parts.

However, this is not the only way to look for new cars. Almost every country has at least one motor show a year, where lots of different brands show off their new collections in one location. As a potential customer, you can see cars in the flesh and gain a better idea of the car itself than if you were to browse solely on the internet. However, these type of events attract large crowds making it difficult to clearly see the vehicles. Additionally, getting information from a salesperson can take a significant amount of time. You easily lose a day to only get a slightly better idea of what car you should buy.

Louis has come across many people struggling with the endless options available in the market today. As a result, many people buy a car that they already know or one that was recommended by a salesperson. There is a better way though. You simply need to know how to get advice from someone who knows the market very well and who is able to look where many would not think or dare.

For rare, classic or custom cars, the research is even more complex. It does not often happen that a customer knows all the options that fit his/her requirements. First, as a buyer you need to know what is important to you. Things to consider are the price, the state of the car, the looks, the engine capacity, if it has a perfect paper trail and much more. Then you have to look for cars that match your criteria, and finally, you have to find the right dealer (or person) to sell you this car. As special cars are found all over the world, this could mean that you will have to transport and import that car, which if you are not used to it, can take a lot of effort, time and money.

Consequently, numerous people from Louis' network have asked for his help in their quest of finding their ideal car. Their experiences can be found here.

Seeing the need for this service, Louis Gruwez decided to help people with his knowledge and founded LOGATO.

LOGATO is there to help you, as a client, to find the car that you want without all the usual hassle.

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