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Since our inception, LOGATO has been totally focused on building sustainable relationships with its clients

LOGATO offers both car consultancy and car brokerage. Louis Gruwez, the founder, has a longstanding affection for classic cars, which has evolved over the years by attending many classic car events, concours, museums, salons, auctions and more. Additionally, due to Louis' extensive research over the years, he knows about the market pricing (fair pricing, overvaluation, undervaluation), what drives the classic car market, upcoming collectables, etc. Moreover, his personal appreciation for beauty translates well with the classic car scene, as many vintage cars are an art object in their own right.

At LOGATO, we understand that many factors play a role in deciding what (classic) car you should buy. For some, the design of the car is the most important buying consideration, for others, the rarity, luxury, performance or maybe even the total cost could be the deciding factor. Whatever reason you may have for wanting to buy your next car, LOGATO will happily guide you through all your options. If you are not sure what car you should buy next, we will find your perfect car by evaluating your desires, your budget as well as your personality.

What makes LOGATO so unique is our client identity-based approach. This allows us to understand your unspoken wishes thus translating into a perfect car specifically for you. As a finance graduate, Louis applies the “Know Your Customer” banking term to optimize customer satisfaction. Louis is convinced that only by knowing your customer very well can he find the perfect automobile that fully meets both their wants and needs.

LOGATO helps you to find your dream car, whether it be a classic, brand new, collectable, exotic or even a custom car. Our goal is to make the process as easy and effortless as possible.


"Thanks to my knowledge of the market and my connections, I will do my very best to find the car of your dreams."

All the best,

Louis Gruwez

Louis Gruwez
Louis Gruwez
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A lifelong car aficionado, with a predilection for classic cars. Graduated summa cum laude in finance in Geneva, Switzerland.

International experience in Belgium, France, USA and Switzerland. 


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