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What We Offer

LOGATO helps people find their perfect car, whether it is a new car, a classic car or anything in between. We are focused on offering the best and most objective automotive advice while maintaining a very high degree of customer satisfaction. This includes making sure that the whole process is straightforward, streamlined and as worry free as possible for the client. 

Automotive Consultancy and Brokerage

In general, people have a fair idea of what they want in a car. However, when looking to buy a car, it seems like there are endless options to choose from. Once they have established the needs for the upcoming car, they start looking for car sales points or online information. The time devoted to this research can eat up multiple days. Once people have made a first selection of cars, they still need to carry out many other steps including: making an appointment with the seller, registering the car, informing the insurance company, importing the car, etc.

LOGATO wants to remove the burden of the whole car searching and buying process by assisting its clients to make the right decisions that they will enjoy for many years to come.

For this reason, LOGATO is very proud to offer its clients car consultancy and brokerage.

When you are looking to buy a car, but you are not sure what to buy, then our consultancy service will help you find the car that fits all of your needs and wishes.

However, if you know what car you want to buy, but don't have the time or the expertise to find that car, then our brokerage service is more than happy to locate that specific car for you.

Furthermore, as an extension of our consultancy and brokerage services, LOGATO can organize and oversee your custom car project or restoration project, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and will be finished as quickly as possible.


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