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LOGATO is focused on helping its clients get their dream car
LOGATO BV Consultancy Knokke-Heist

LOGATO's consultancy service is for those looking to find the car of their dreams.

We are committed to helping people on their quest for any kind of car. Whatever your wishes may be, we will find the car that you have in mind. Thanks to the knowledge, the contacts and the private car library of Louis Gruwez, we are convinced that we can help you with whatever request you have concerning the search for your automobile. If however, for any reason, we are not able to help you, we will tell you in advance to eliminate any unnecessary costs. Transparency towards our clients is very important to LOGATO as we are strong believers that honesty and great customer service are the recipe for building good relationships.

Everyone has a car they dream of owning, even if they don't quite realize it. Maybe it is a 2018 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ LP770-4, maybe it is a 1961 Fiat 600 Jolly or maybe it is a car that (for now) only exists in your imagination. LOGATO will listen to your wishes, including, but not limited to: your taste and interests, what purpose the car will fulfill, the needed options, etc. Subsequently, we will combine all this information to create your profile that will serve as the basis for molding together your desired car.

Due to our extensive knowledge, LOGATO can take into account the client's needs and will immediately start our search in finding the car that best fits the created profile. LOGATO will use all the necessary resources to find the cars that we think will best fit you. From this short list, the client can give their feedback and select the automobile of their choice. If however, for any reason, the client is not satisfied with the proposed cars, then LOGATO will continue its search using the additional information provided by the client.

The propositions will be presented to you in a booklet, containing vehicle images, price ranges, the information and the technical details most relevant to the client's wishes, and investment upside (or deprecation risk).

LOGATO's core specializations are:​

  • 1950s-1960s American classics

  • 1950s-1960s European classic cars

  • 1990s-current sports cars

  • Collectables

  • Custom cars

  • General modern cars

For Whom?

The perfect daily car or weekend fun?

While browsing our website you may have gotten the impression that we only offer consultancy for high end cars. However, this is not true. Naturally, we do offer services for this car category, but we also offer our help to people wanting to buy a good daily car within their budget.

LOGATO reads up on car news on a daily basis, ensuring that we can provide you with up-to-date information and guidance. Moreover, LOGATO has a comprehensive car library containing car information going back more than seventy years (many of which are rare and hard to get) as well as information that was released just one week ago. Therefore, LOGATO is in the unique position to provide you with the most detailed information possible so you can make the right decision when choosing your next car.

Still not sure if you could use our services?

Below are some examples showing that anyone could benefit from our assistance.​

  1. Let's assume you want to buy a new daily car and you have a few key points that are very important to you. The first one is plain and simple: a max budget of €25.000,00. Secondly, you want a car that can comfortably seat five people. You are also a bit worried about the changing laws concerning low emissions zones and the engine types that will still be accepted in five years. Lastly, you want a car that is luxurious and easy to drive. Multiple questions quickly arise. Where do you start your search? Where do you find the correct information about the emission laws? How to know if the car you found is in good condition? Should you trust the salesperson? LOGATO can guide you through all these questions with objective facts towards the car that is the right fit for you.                                                                                                                         

  2. You have always dreamt of owning a classic car. However, you are not too sure which car you would like to buy as there are so many options. You know automobiles from the 1960s correspond to your definition of the ideal car. If you could only have one car in your garage, it would definitely be the 1962 Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder. Unfortunately with a price tag of over ten million euros, this is not within your budget. If only you could buy a car within your budget that would bring together all of the things you love about this Ferrari. Well guess what? Once again LOGATO can help you in finding that car by understanding and analyzing your needs.                                                                                                                                                            

  3. Imagine your daughter or son will soon get their driver's license. As a parent you are proud of everything your child has accomplished so far and you are looking to reward them with a car. But what car should you buy? It often is a difficult decision to make, because as a parent safety is the number one priority. Furthermore, parents must take into consideration driveability, fuel efficiency, taxes and insurance costs. The kids themselves however will want something good looking, sporty and fun to drive. All this can lead to a dispute as both parties can't reach a consensus. This is where LOGATO comes to the rescue. By understanding both needs, as well as knowing the car market, LOGATO will help you find a car that makes everyone happy.                                                                                                                                                       

  4. Now, let's say you have saved up enough money and you finally decided to buy a sports car. A Ferrari, a Porsche or a McLaren could be a good choice. However, you do not seem to be able to find the sports car that meets all of your criteria. Each car is either too ordinary, too uncomfortable to drive, too extravagant, etc. You wish to find a sports car that is rare, beautiful and that not everyone can get. Or maybe you want to build a car that is completely to your liking. Well then LOGATO has great news for you, because we can make your wishes become reality. Due to our extensive knowledge of the market, as well as our eye for detail, LOGATO can provide you with the car of your dreams.

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