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LOGATO's vision is built around customer service, trust and transparency

The prices of the services offered by LOGATO can be found below. Please note that the fee for the introductory meeting is the same for both consultancy and brokerage.

  • Introductory meeting: €75*

  • Consultancy service: 

    • Modern car (max 10 years old): €450

    • Fleet vehicle: €675

    • Sports car: €725

    • Classic, collectable or custom build: €950**

  • Brokerage service***: 

    • Sourcing****: 9% of purchase price

    • Custom build: 12.5% of total project cost

    • Restoration: 11% of total restoration cost

    • Consignment****: 8.5% of sale price

*     Mileage allowance may be applicable.

**   Depending on the difficulty of the search, the price may increase.

***  Please note that this fee does not include shipping, import duties, local tax and local registration.

**** A minimum fee of €1,850.00 is applicable.

Lower rates apply for car collections and cars over 250,000 euros.

For more information concerning our fees, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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